the new 5th doctor Nik Kershaw now takes over

The TimelordsEdit

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Regeneration 4-5

Regeneration Doctor's 4-5


The 1st Doctor 1963-1966:

Played by William Hartnell. He was a cantankerous grandfather type & has been described as an "anti-hero". In the stories such as the Daleks he placed his companions in danger to satisfy his own curiosity. He regenerated after a battle with the cyberman.

The 2nd Doctor 1966-1969:

Patrick Troughton. He coined the first Doctor Who catchphrase: "When I say run, RUN!" & wasnicknamed "the cosmic hobo" for his scruffy look. He was banished to Earth by his race the Timelords & forced to regenerate for breaking their rules of non-interference.

The 3rd Doctor 2011

Jon pertwee. The Worzel Gummidge star was dubbed the "dandy Doctor" due to his frilly shirts & velvet suits. His catchphrase was "reverse the polarity of the flow". He Regenerated after being hit by a wave of deadley radiation on the planet Metebelis 3 while facing a giant spider doctor Jon Culsaw to take over the part

The 4th Doctor 1974-1981: he becomes the 3rd doctor era / magazine

The 5th doctor 1982 - 1984 becomes The 4th doctor era / magazine

The 6th doctor 1988 - 1986 becomes The 5th doctor era / magazine